About Bolani

East and West Gourmet Afghan Food is the story of an Afghan woman and her family’s struggle in the search for a better life. Supported by her husband and eldest son they immigrated to the US and founded East and West Gourmet Food.

Initially found in only a few of the Bay Area’s farmers’ markets, this unique fusion of East and West flavors rapidly gained popularity strictly through word of mouth and the power of a sample. Billal Sidiq is an "Ambassador of Love" in most of the San Francisco Bay Area's Farmers' Markets and even beyond. He represents his company with an inviting face, running mouth, and hands full of samples. Today East and West participates in up to 100 farmers’ markets every week. The product is now also found in Whole Foods markets and Andronico’s.

In an era of unhealthy eating habits and the widespread notion that all healthy foods taste awful, our goal is to provide a healthy and nutritional alternative to tasty eating. In the more than five years that we have been in business, we attribute our success to the exceptional level of quality product and service. What differentiates us most from our competitors is that our product is drastically healthier than anything else out on the market without any compensation for taste or flavor.

Over the years we have developed a strong and regular customer base that continually grows week by week. This could not be possible without the winning combination of a high standard of quality: health, hygiene, and freshness. The product itself is remarkable in that it is different, exotic, and so tasty. Lastly, and just as important as the product itself is the exceptional level of customer service that we provide. We have applied these basic business principles to every event that we have ever taken part in and we attribute our success to that.